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          1) DNA work:

           a) Marathon-ReadyTM (RACE) - quick protocol and user manul.

           b) Quickchange site-directed mutagenesis - user manual.

           c) Gateway Vectors - TOPO vectors; pENTR vectors; pDONR vectors pDEST vectors; pDEST 22 and 32 (2 hybrid); PWS4stopEGFP-A and pRc-CMV.

           d) Novagen's LIC DuetTM adaptor kits - protocol.

           e) Sequencing order sheet - here.

           f) Restrictoin enzyme chart - link and Isoschizomers chart - link.

           General Nucleic Acid Data - the chart *.  DNA ladders - the picture.

       2) Protein work:

           a) ArcticExpress RIL and RP competent cells for low temprature expression-stratagene - Manual.

           b) BL-21 Rosseta RARE competent cells (novagen) - theory.

           c) Making mitotic lysate from Avram Hershko - protocol.

           d) Coupling columns for antibody purification - protocol.

           e) Purfication of GST-tagged proteins - protocol.

           f) Immunodepletion of Hela extract from Avram - protocol.

           g) FACS for mitotic profile - protocol.

              Genaral Protein Data - the chart *.    Protein ladders - the picture.     Protein standard curve, Pierce - Calculate here.

         3) Microscopy:

           a) Important parameters of Yen lab's microscopes - the form.

           b) Immunofluorescence staining - protocol.

           c) Writing journals using Metamorph for Nikon TE2000 - protocol.

           d) Preparing cells for EM from JB - protocol.

           e) Improved Chromosome spread - protocol.

         4) Recipes:

            a) Proteinase and phosphotase inhibitors - recipe.

            b) ATP regeneration system - recipe and theory.

            c) Solutions for Immunofluorescence - recipe.

            d) Making sodium phosphate solutions - recipe.

            e) Preparation of PEI solution for transfection - recipe and protocol.

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